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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are your products safe for children?

A. Yes. We use organic and/or natural ingredients; we also follow essential oil dilution guidelines to ensure we are not exceeding the recommendations for children.

Q. Are your products only suitable for those of African descent?

A. Absolutely not! Although those of African descent may be more familiar with the ingredients because many of them originate from the continent, our products are beneficial for mostly everyone-the exception being to those who may suffer from allergies...even to things found within nature.

Q. Do you have C.P.S.R.'s for your cosmetic products.

A. Yes

Q. Where is Chaste located?

A. We are currently based in Birmingham, U.K.

Q. What are your hours?

A. Generally, our hours are 9:00am-3pm (GMT), Monday-Saturday.  However, we believe in being flexible. Should you need us outside these hours, feel free to use our contact form and we will attempt to respond to you within 24 hours.

Q. What are your policies concerning refunds, returns, exchanges and damaged goods?

A. Our sincere apologies if you have any concerns regarding these areas.  Please access the following link to have your questions answered. 


Q. Which countries do you ship to and what are your rates?

A. Please visit https://chaste.com.co/pages/shipping-information to review our shipping details.

Q. How do I receive customer support?

A. Please complete the contact form by accessing the following link.


Q. What is the shelf life of your products?

A. This varies by the product, but on average, the shortest shelf life of our products is 12 months.  Please see details of shelf life in the description of each product.

Q. Are your products suitable for sensitive skin?

A. Yes, all of our products are suitable for sensitive skin types; however, if you have concerns, we recommend performing a patch test on your most sensitive areas.

Should you require any special requests, i.e., no essential oils, please email admin@chaste.com.co with your request and we will do our best to accomodate.

Q. I don't see a hair, skin or health & wellness product I need on your site; are you able to create it for me?

A. It's possible! Please complete our contact form with your request and we will aim to respond within 24 hours. There are a couple of products we offer, such as magnesium oil, which were created because of a customer's request.  Bottom line, it doesn't hurt to ask!


Q. How do I create an account?

A. From the "Home" page, click on the "person" icon at the top, middle right of the page, then click on "create account" and complete the requested fields.

Q. How do I change my password?

A. From the "Home" page, click on the "person" icon at the top, middle right of the page.  From there, click on "forgot your password" and provide the requested information.

Q. Why does my cream have a different consistency, colour or texture?

A. We make natural skin and hair care products; if you occasionally notice a slight change in either the colour, texture or consistency, there is no need to worry; this is normal and due to the naturally occurring ingredients.

Please be assured that the quality of the products are not affected (Chaste does not use bleaches or dyes to mask or create unnatural appearances in our products). While there are no preservatives used within any of our products, body and hair butters do contain vitamin e to prevent oxidation.

Q.  Are your products parabens free?

A. Yes

Q. Are your products vegan?

A. All with the exception of the elderberry syrup, as it contains honey; please contact us if you'd like us to use a vegan substitute in this product.

Q. Are your products tested on animals?

A. The team at Chaste is opposed to any cruelty to animals.