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All Natural Eczema Cream

Our Family's Introduction to Homemade Eczema Cream

Roughly 6 years ago, I made my body butter for the first time. It was necessitated by the need to find a natural eczema cream for my two youngest daughter's mild eczema. I spoke about it a bit in the About Us section of this website, but I'll summarize it here.  

At the time, my daughter's were about 2 and 4 years old and had mild eczema, a skin condition a few members in our family had. They were due for a wellness check and I pointed it out to the doctor and was advised which eczema cream I should purchase.


I'm not sure what prompted me to do it this time, but I read the ingredient list. This is something I NEVER did before when it came to doctor's recommendations-I had blind faith. This time, though, I went to the internet to research any ingredients I didn't recognize and was SHOCKED to find there were steroids and other chemicals contained in the cream. 

Knowing what was in the cream, there was no way I was going to put those nasties onto the precious skin of my girls. I immediately began researching natural treatments for eczema and I stumbled across a Youtube video of a beautiful young lady, making body butter and I was drawn to the process. I mean, it was beautiful! I was mesmorized how it all began with a combination of raw solids and liquids and became this beautifully whipped cloud of nourishment for the skin-I wanted EVERYTHING to do with it!

Setting Up the "Lab"

I ordered everything need to make the body butter and while I waited, I researched other natural ingredients which would assist in healing my daughter's eczema and decided to try aloe, as the raw plant was something I remember my mother putting onto my skin when I had pretty bad eczema. I also looked up the best essential oils to use for the condition.

Once all the ingredients came and I was armed, I made my body butter along with the lovely young lady I had watched the first time-I'll create anote blog to show you the video and how my body butter journey began.


I found the process to be very therapeutic and somehow, I felt powerful; I was taking control of my daugher's health and healing and I KNEW I was going to produce something great...and I did!

My body butter came out perfect the very first time. My children loved it from day one-perhaps they also thought it was magical how the body butter went from looking liked whipped cream to melting on their skin instantly when it came into contact with its warmth. Probably a combination between that and how luxirious it felt as it glided onto their bodies, leaving a trail of sunshine on their skin, before absorbing and leaving a light sheen. Who knows, but it was a hit with them and my husband! All I knew, was that body butter was in our household to stay!

Thankfully, between our plant based diet and changes in our skincare and even switching to natural detergents and cleaning products, both my daughter's eczema cleared up.

Avoid "the BADDIES!

While steroid filled creams may address they symptom, they don't address the root cause, PLUS, the harmful ingredients may lead to other health concerns-especially after prolonged use.

We implore you to try treating eczema holistically-address the inside AND the outside. If you're looking for a "clean" eczema cream a try and let us know how it goes.

Do you or a loved one suffer from eczema? Let us know what you've tried. What has worked and what hasn't? Not only are we interested in hearing about your experience, but our readers can learn from you. Share your stories in the comment field.

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