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Skin Clinic with Monique

Monique Vanessa Health Coaching Presents

Skin Clinic with Monique: 1:1 Health Coaching


  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Acne
  • Keratosis pilaris
  • Dry, cracked skin
  • Itchiness
  • Scarring
  • Red, sensitive skin
  • Pain

I know how debilitating it can be to struggle with these ailments...I've been there. You’ve tried every cream, prescription or over the counter medication and nothing works…not for long anyway. You may be feeling insecure and lacking confidence.-hiding from cameras and avoiding human interaction. You are at your wits end and want to try something or SOMEONE different.

You’re ready to receive accurate information, which you can put into practice to create optimal health. All you need is guidance and support to jump start your health journey.

If this is you, THEN.......

My goal is to work WITH you to get to the root cause of your skin condition and to streamline EXACTLY which steps you need to take, to heal yourself, inside out. 


My role as your Holistic Health Coach, is an important one; we will foster a two-way relationship and will work together to identify your goals and to establish a clear plan of action, which ultimately, helps you to discover the best version of yourself.

We will identify barriers which have blocked you in the past and may stop you in the future; we will co-create a plan to overcome those barriers and work towards your health goals.

Having me as your Health Coach means you can stop investing in quick fixes, that never work, and get to the root cause of WHY you’re experiencing skin issues. Band aid methods don’t work long term. 


In taking the Holistic approach, I will work with you on your entire being. This is key in getting to the bottom of your health concerns; what is happening with your skin (the outer), very likely has to do with what is going on WITHIN. We will dive deep into areas which fall under 5 main pillars:

  • Yourself
  • Family/Relationships
  • Work
  • Goals
  • Environment

Although Holistic Health Coaches can assist you in all areas of your life, one of the main focuses of Depth Holistic Health Coaching, is skin health. The primary reason for this, is a personal one. 


As a child, I suffered badly from eczema. At any given time, I had dry, patchy skin from “older rashes” or red, inflamed skin, from “fresh” breakouts...sometimes both on different parts of my body. I clearly remember scratching incessantly until my skin was raw. I recall how self-conscious I was about my worst areas, like the back of my knees and around my neck.

I can remember my mother trying a number of methods to soothe my wounds and stop the itchiness, like:

  • slathering my body with calamine lotion
  • soaking “match-me-if-you-can” leaves (common in Bermuda and also known as Acalypha wilkesiana) and putting them onto my “angry” skin
  • applying the gel from aloe plants onto my rashes or
  • using creams we were prescribed from the Doctor’s office

There was no one to help me get to the bottom of the issue and the rashes continued for YEARS.


Roughly 7 years ago, my two middle children had mild eczema and were prescribed creams. Although I grew up having blind faith in doctors, something within urged me to research the ingredients and I found the cream contained steroids and other unnatural ingredients I didn’t want anywhere near my children.

I immediately tossed the cream and began researching how I could make a natural alternative. Once I settled upon a recipe, I ordered the ingredients and set about making the cream with 100% plant-based ingredients. 

I instantly fell in love with the process and felt empowered by producing my own cream. I was even more elated when I saw the natural remedy working alongside a plant-based diet and removing other irritants found in household cleaning products and detergents. Before long, I managed to treat my children’s eczema.


Now, my mission is to help you and your families.  Your journey doesn’t need to look identical to mine, as there is more than one path to the same destination.  We will, together, discover the best route for YOU.

How We Can Work Together

You’ve taken the time to read this far and believe we could be a “good fit,” so, what’s next?

Work with me using the following steps:

Book a free discovery call to discuss you or your child’s health concern (s). Should we mutually decide we are a good fit, choose either:

Explore & Recover-A 90-minute, intensive session, where I take an audit of your lifestyle, inclusive of your health history, diet, and daily habits. We will discuss your skin concerns and develop a plan to address them and any other points which may arise from the consultation.

A personalised coaching plan will be emailed to you after the session, and you can either work through the plan independently or progress to the ‘Deep Dive’ package.


One-time discount code on Chaste skin, hair & wellness products

Deep Dive- A 3-month package, which includes the ‘Explore & Recover,’ 90-minute session, PLUS 5, 1-hour sessions (If Explore & Recover is completed, the cost will be deducted from the total package cost).

In this program, you receive my TOTAL support. You will work your way through a personalised coaching plan, making the necessary adjustments to support your skin health…and make improvements in other areas of your life, as needed.

For the duration of our partnership, you will have access to the following:


  • Discounts on Chaste products
  • Referrals to products & services not offered by Chaste or Depth Holistic Health Coaching
  • Tools to research ingredients in skin, hair, wellness & food
  • Lifestyle recommendations (i.e recipes)

Let’s get started on your healing journey!


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