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"To give to another being, whether it be your time, money, food, clothing, emotional support, or other, is to breathe life into your soul." Monique Hunt

If you want temporary happiness, do for yourself; if you want joy which lasts, do for others; that's the motto we choose to live by. Giving to those in difficult circumstances is a pillar "Chaste" is being built upon.

As such, we will donate 10% of our net profit each month to selected organizations.  Knowing our funds are getting to the recipients we intend it for, is extremely important to us.

We seek to research organizations (as best we can), speak to the organizers and establish lasting relationships. These relationships allow us to become more intimately involved with the donation process and provides awarness into the areas we can best assist. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters Of Bermuda



The Hygiene Bank, Nottingham, U.K.

While I already had in mind to donate a certain amount of my products monthly, I hadn't begun the researching process. In life, I'm discovering, timing is EVERYTHING! 

I was invited to join a Zoom meeting, where individual charities were discussing collaborating in a community funded, Windrush generation project. At some point, The Hygiene Bank came up and I instantly perked up and began asking questions about it.

I went on to discuss my plans and immediately, the organizer of this charity agreed to have an offline conversation. 

It has now been decided that each month, we will donate products, based upon total sales.  The thought of a school aged child having access to products made with love and all natural ingredients, brings me tremendous joy.

You can learn more about The Hygiene Bank, by accessing the below link.


Contact Details

Charmaine Binns-Muhammad

Hygiene Bank Co-ordinator

Email: charmaine@thevine.org.uk

Mob: 0778 3027 634

While we post these details to allow you to see where part of your funds are going, it's also to extend an invitation to research these organizations for yourselves and to possibly get involved further. 

While it is no secret, it bears being reminded that together, we are indeed stronger!