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About Us


Welcome to Chaste, a skin, hair care and supplement product range, which promotes health and wellness.

My HERstory

I'm a wife and a homeschooling Mom to three children under the age of 9 and Mom to 1 adult child, who now has her own daughter. I was born on the island of Bermuda, but currently live in the United Kindgdom.

I exited the Corporate world 9 years ago, as my heart would not allow me to return to work after having my second child. Our household required another income, so I began my own healthy meal, catering business and also received my personal training certificate.  I only intended for the business to be run on a part-time basis; it would be something I could manage, alongside minding my 4 month old baby girl...and then the rest of the day, she would have my undivided attention. 

Although the "front facing" side of the business was part-time, the back-end caused it to be more of a full-time position.  As such, I closed the business after a year, as it was more important to be with my daughter. 

The "birth" of Chaste (meaning pure)

Roughly 4 years ago, my two little ones had a mild rash and were prescribed an ointment. I have no idea what caused me to read the ingredient list, because in the past, I had blind faith in Doctors and didn't question anything prescribed.

I discovered steroids and other unnatural ingredients, which I didn't want to put onto my children's skin. I then proceeded to research recipes online to make my own eczema cream.  Making natural products became a passion after the first mixture! I moved onto body butters, hair butters, deodorants, household products...I "detoxed" our home of anything synthetic and began making them myself.

As I transitioned to natural products, I posted on Facebook and friends and family desired to try the products. By this time, I had begun to formulate my own recipes, to fit our needs and preferences and I was happy to allow others to experience my natural products. I felt proud to be apart of others transitioning to natural products and roughly a year after making my first product, Chaste was "born". 

Chaste was more or less a paid hobby for me; I made products as I had the time and didn't put too much energy into advertising. I was homeschooling my two youngest children and then almost three years ago, we had another child. As such, Chaste took a back seat.

Sixteen months ago, my kids and I moved to the U.K. with my oldest daughter and my granddaughter, to support them in a relocation. My husband continues to work in Bermuda, while we are here. With the current economic climate, I believe it's even more important to create another source of income and I'm passionate about families converting to natural products, so I figured it was time to get serious about Chaste...and here we are!


Transparency-We commit to being 100% transparent with our ingredients, 100% of the time...no greenwashing here! We work alongside families, to ensure only the very best ingredients are made available for topical use, as well as ingestion (natural supplements). 

Flexibility- If your family is in need of a product and you don't see it offered on our website, reach out to us! We are happy to research your request to determine the feasibility of producing it for you and others who may have the same needs. This is actually how products such as magnesium oil and hair butter came into existence and we are happy to do the same for other customers, IF at all possible!

Sustainability-We continuously seek out partners which can support our ethos of sustainable living-from the ingredients, to the packaging, business stationery, labeling, etc.

Plant based ingredients-We use almost 100% plant based ingredients; the only exception is the raw, organic honey we use in the elderberry syrup.  However, it is likely that we will change this to a plant derived alternative in the near future.  


Our vision is to raise awarness surrounding the effects of harmful ingredients used within our daily lives. Used individually, these products may cause harm, but used collectively, a world of damage can be done.  Chaste will aim to educate through articles, videos and testimonies, and then we will provide solutions and/or alternatives...not all offered by Chaste. 

Physical health aside, we aim to also be apart of emotional healing; for too long, we have been divided in a number of ways. Chaste will look at partnering with others and participating in initiatives which seek to be a part of solutions which bridge generational gaps. As we heal together, we will work to achieve success...however YOU choose to define it.

We will strive to be deeply rooted within the community. We look to establish symbiotic relationships, where we are customers of our customers and vice versa! We look forward to growing TOGETHER!

Additionally, it is of great importance to assist in supporting those in the community who are in need and while we omit no one who fits that description, we feel a "calling" for widows and orphans.  We sincerely hope we can also work together in this regard.